"This was my fourth chiropractor I had tried in about a year’s time. That was three years ago! Dr. Marcus and now Dr. Gutierrez have my back and shoulders pain free! I have total trust in them both. I won’t go anywhere else.”

— Robin F.

“Dr. Albers has worked wonders on me. I couldn't even remember what not being in pain feels like. Melissa Black is a phenomenal massage therapist too! I cannot recommend them enough.”

— katrina k.


"I suffer from migraines and back pain which comes on suddenly. I am always able to get an appointment and experience immediate relief from the pain. Staff is wonderful, always friendly, and professional. From day one I have been impressed."

— Tiffany a.

"I am so thankful I found Dr. Marcus and his wonderful staff! The office has been keeping me pain free for the last four years. Working in the dental field has caused me to suffer from neck/back aches and pains. Initially, I was nervous to get adjusted but decided it was worth a shot. Dr. Marcus took the time to listen to my concerns and address each of them. After my first adjustment, I felt instant relief from the discomfort I’ve suffered from for years. We have come up with a monthly treatment plan that gives me back quality of life. Over the years, Dr. Marcus has treated TMJ issues, dislocated ribs, neck problems, and back pain. "

— andria h.

“Dr. Albers is in the process of restoring my life back to me after living with over 20 years of pain.  I trust her with the weakest parts of me and she doesn’t take that trust lightly.  I am grateful every time she comes to get me in the lobby because I know I’m literally in her capable, professional and highly compassionate hands.  She is an awesomely intuitive listener. I can’t imagine life now without Dr. Albers in it!”

— Karla o.


"I’ve been to several chiropractors in the city for constant back stiffness and they all had methods of alignment that were questionable. I went to see Rion Marcus and it was like night and day. He took the time to listen to me and get an understanding of my issues. He ran thorough checks and came to find out that, unfortunately, I had a spine condition. I really appreciate the professionalism and attention to detail that he has given. I highly recommend Dr. Rion Marcus."

— Raul r.

"You guys are awesome! The office is very modern and clean. Everyone is welcoming, professional, and friendly. All of the insurance stuff is taken care of and I never have to think about it. And Dr. Marcus is awesome. He is so knowledgeable about all kinds of health related things. Any kind of issue we have going on, he knows just what to do. I’ve learned so much about how chiropractic affects the whole body, not just a stiff neck! He gets the tough spots but is very gentle; gentle enough for my 5 year old daughter, who has been seeing him for years."

— caressa g.


"The staff and doctors go way beyond the call to serve the patients they adjust. They accommodate us whenever we have chronic pain and it is not our regular adjustment day. They do not rush the adjustments but make sure each patient’s needs are addressed. They are professional in dress and manner. All is appreciated and when you leave your session you feel like a new person."

— abbie w.

"This was my first experience at a chiropractor after a motorcycle accident. Dr. Marcus and his staff put me at ease and helped me through the process, with my back and elbow out of place. Today, I’m 100% and recommend NMCC to anyone looking for a chiropractor."

— Brandon S.


"I thought all my aches and pains were just a result of getting older and that I would have to live with it. I went to Dr. Marcus the first time after not going to a chiropractor in nearly 30 years. After one treatment I could not believe how much better I felt; all those aches and pains were gone and I can do all my yard work again, it is amazing! Continued treatments have kept me aligned and feeling great. The staff are so accommodating and professional, anytime I have an issue they can get me in immediately. I especially like the thoroughness of Dr. Marcus and the time he takes to explain everything."

— Deanna H.

Dr. Amanda Smith is an outstanding practitioner! It's so rare to find such a well rounded and knowledgeable doctor. As a competitive long distance runner, Dr. Smith has always been my go-to doctor to keep me performing at my best! I would highly recommend any athlete of any skill level to seek out her care.

— Joseph C.


"I am a nurse in my 30s and i have only seen bad things happen with chiropractors and the patients I have taken care of. I was having severe nerve pain down both arms and I couldn’t wait for an appointment with an Orthopedic Specialist so I went into NMCC. I sat down with Dr. Gutierrez on guard and asked many questions, which were met with intelligent, knowledgable, kind answers to the depth I needed. X-Rays were taken and a step by step approach was given. Within two adjustments there was a noticeable change—I had relief so I could continue the activities like yoga and climbing that I couldn’t do."

— taylor b.

Absolutely amazing! I had suffered from years of chronic pain and am now living a much better quality of life thanks to Dr. Albers & the extremely caring staff at New Mexico Chiropractic Center. Did I mention the staff? They are all so kind & caring. thank you for your incredible service & for giving me my life back!

— KC G.


Dr. Amanda is amazing! I highly recommend her to anyone! If you are looking to optimize your health, whether you are an athlete, mom, etc., she is the doctor for you! Thanks Dr. Amanda for your fantastic care and keeping me running!

— Mishea M.

Dr. Rion Marcus and Dr. Dominic Gutierrez get to the root of the problem and help you get going again. They will also recommend ways to keep your health in check. They are not about keeping you coming more than necessary, they want you to live a pain-free and happy life.

— Michael V.